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Do you need money fast? Call 1(844)643-6192! Freeway Car Title Loans is here to assist you with your car title loans!

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Get the Cash You Need Today

Nearly everyone experiences a cash crisis at some time. Are you late on a payment and is your landlord threatening eviction? Are your wages in danger of being garnished or do you need money for a loved one in trouble? If you have bad credit, banks and other lenders will probably not lend you the money so where do you go?

Freeway Title Loans is here for hard-working people like you who find themselves in an emergency or predicament where they need money today. If you live in California and have a loan-free car, we can lend you at least $2,600 to $25,000!

All You Have to do is Go Online or Call

If you want more information, go to our How It Works page or FAQ. If you have other questions or want a more personal touch, simply call us or go online and review our online application. Call us and talk to our representatives who are friendly, engaging and sympathetic to your needs and will answer all your questions directly and quickly. Find out if you qualify within minutes of calling Freeway Title Loans and get your cash today. In many cases, our clients get their loans in an hour or less.

We Stand Out from Other Title Loan Companies

There are many car title loan companies who want your business but who do not deliver the same personal services that we do. At Freeway Title Loans, we offer:

  • Pay if off whenever you want with no penalties
  • No automatic renewal of the loan
  • Personal service from friendly, empathetic representatives
  • Get the Loan and Keep Your Car

Qualify and you get to keep driving your car. All we need is the pink slip as collateral and nothing more other than proof of your monthly income, proof of insurance, DMV registration, a bank statement and valid driver's license. It's as simple as that.

Freeway Title Loans is here to help those folks who cannot get traditional loans but who can meet reasonable payment terms at competitive rates so they can address the financial challenges facing them. Call us now to see what we can do for you.