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Car Title Loans in Yosemite West, California - Yosemite West Truck and Auto Title Loans Specialist.

Do you need fast cash? If your car is paid off or almost paid off you can use the equity in your car to get a car title loan with a 2 minute approval.* Freeway Car Title Loans serves the Yosemite West, CA 95389.

Yosemite West, California 95389
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We are here to help folks like you get emergency cash for medical care, rent or whatever you need it. You do not have to give up jewelry, personal collections or any other personal property to get your loan. Just have a car that you own outright as this will be your collateral and you can get your cash the same day you request it. And, you get to keep your car and continue driving it.

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It's Painless, Quick and Reasonable

What is it about Freeway Car Title Loans that have people rushing to us to get emergency cash?

  • Get approved for your loan in as little as 2 minutes or even less* in some cases
  • Approval is fast, painless and without endless paperwork
  • Bad credit is no obstacle
  • Reasonable and generous repayment terms
  • We do autos, atvs, trucks, boats, motorcycles & RVs
  • Competitive rates

We make the approval process fast and easy. No one wants the pressure and anxiety from wondering how certain expenses will be paid, especially if you need the money now.


Call or go online right now to Freeway Car Title Loans and find out how easy it is to get the extra cash you need to meet whatever predicament you are in. Within minutes, one of our agents will call you to discuss how you can get your cash quickly and easily. We can also refinance any current car title loans for you at better rates in many cases! Call us today toll free 1-844-643-6192.

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Have one of our friendly Freeway Car Title Loans representatives talk to you about what you need to get your cash. Any paperwork you need is probably within arms distance from you. If the bank or other lenders are reluctant to give you a loan, it is reassuring to know that Freeway Car Title Loans is here. Be sure you can make the monthly payments, however, or risk losing your car. Because we do no credit checks, your credit history will not be affected if this unfortunate circumstance does occur.

What is the APR for Freeway Title Loan's Gold Program?

The APR for the Gold Program is 35.99% APR for all qualifying customers, meeting all necessary criteria (including a FICO score of 600 or greater) as stated below. Loan amounts start at $5,500.00 with a term of 24 to 44 months. Most Gold Program loans will be charged an administration fee (origination fee) in an amount ranging from $262.00 up to 5% of the amount financed.

A typical Gold Program loan of $7,500.00 with a 35.99% APR and a 38 month term, the payment is $333.73 and the total scheduled interest is $4,731.74. The interest on the loan may vary depending upon the timing of the payments made. There is no prepayment penalty. However, the administration fee (origination fee) is not refundable.

Yosemite West Car Title Loans

About Yosemite West

Yosemite West (pronounced "Yo-SEM-it-tee") is an unincorporated private community of resort homes located just outside of the southern area of Yosemite National Park just off Wawona Road, a continuation of State Route 41 from Fresno. It is situated one mile (1.6 km) south of the Chinquapin intersection of Wawona Road with the Glacier Point Road at an altitude of 5,100–6,300 ft (1,550–1,900 m). The elevation reported by the USGS is 5866 feet (1788 m). The GPS coordinates are N 37° 38.938’ W 119° 43.310’. Although appearing to be very near to the community of El Portal this community is part of Henness Ridge, towering nearly 3,000 feet (900 m) above the southern banks of the Merced River and the State Route 140 from Mariposa. Therefore, there is no direct access to Yosemite West from HWY 140. To get to Yosemite West from this direction, you need to enter the park through the Arch Rock entrance along Hwy 140 from Merced. This stretch of HWY 140, also known as El Portal Road, connects with the Wawona Road in the Yosemite Valley ( Bridalveil Falls) where you continue south to the entrance to Yosemite West.

As part of Mariposa County, Yosemite West is a subdivision of 294 lots on approximately 120 acres (49 ha), complete with underground utilities and paved roads. To date there are 173 developed lots with houses, including two condominium buildings with a total of 48 units. It is surrounded on three sides by Yosemite National Park and Sierra National Forest.

Occupation of the Yosemite West area did not begin, however with the subdivision that opened in 1967. It began many centuries earlier with the North American Indian Tribes of the Sierra. Before the advent of the white man, Indians used Yosemite West as their camp ground and hunting area. Even today a search for the obsidian chips used as arrowheads can provide an interesting days outing in Yosemite West.

Yosemite West is a community of more than 151 private residences and resort homes which can be accessed from HWY41 via Henness Ridge Road, approximately seventeen miles (27 km) inside the South Entrance of the Park. In addition, located high on top of Yosemite West at an elevation of 6,200 feet, there is a 48 unit condominium complex. Most condos are available for daily rental to guests of Yosemite National Park, while others are private vacation residences.

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